A mind’s eye 
35mm, 2009, 12 mins
Extract: 2 mins

This is a film about Plato’s ideas. It is about Stanley who thinks things into existence. He thinks of fire and fire appears. He thinks of rocks, water and trees and rocks, water and trees appear. He even manages to think a horse and a baby boy into existence. Or does he? While Stanley is busy concentrating, his reflection is behaving inappropriately. The two begin a dialogue in the tradition of Socrates and his pupils. The reflection proves the wiser and though Stanley believes himself to be the real Stanley and the other the reflection, he discovers that perhaps this is not the case after all.


Writer/Director: Joanna Callaghan
Cast: James Phelps, Oliver Phelps, Roger Hammond
Composer: Peter Coyte
Cinematographer: Joaquin Bergamin
Editor: Jaime Estrada Torres
Produced: Heraclitus Pictures
Funded: Arts & Humanities Research Council & University of Bedfordshire